Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to Install “Mac OS X Snow Leopard” on VirtualBox with Windows 7 and Intel/AMD Processor.

First of all you need :

Operating System : MS Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor : Intel or AMD
Oracle Virtual Box 4.1 or later
Snow_Leopard_10.6.ISO image file

and most important is make sure your system must support hardware vitalization,
you can download a tool from here and check for vitalization support.

# so first of all create a Virtual Machine for Mac Leopard

so here is the summary of VM we are going to create

Now Make some changes in Virtual Machine Settings according to Leopard installation
Go to "System Tab" in Left side and make it like this snap shot

Then go to "Storage" tab and add the ISO image file of Leopard like this...

that's it we have created virtual machine for Mac Leopard, So Restart the Machine and Start the Installation, on the welcome screen select "Disk Utility" option under Utility Menu... like this

so here you need to do some stuffs, select Hard Disk and Go to Erase Tab, put the HDD name  and Erase it and close

okay now accept the Agreement we need to select Hard Disk and click Continue ...

Now  Don't forget!! This is most important... Don't go for install ... first we need Kernel compatible to Intel or AMD

Here do this important step..i am installing for Intel..

For Intel Users:
Drop down bootloaders and check the newest Chameleon.
Drop down Kernels and choose Legacy kernel.

For AMD Users:
Drop down Kernels and choose Legacy kernel.
AMD option below System support.

That's it Done! now Go for Install You will get this screen.....

After installation  just close the Virtual Machine and Remove Snow Leopard.ISO image from Storage Tab we have attached and Restart The Virtual Machine.. wait for a while and you will be land on Mac OS X Snow Leopard..

Great!! you are on Mac Planet... Enjoy!! the Apple's World :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts!!