Friday, January 6, 2012

Create Bootable LionInstaller Disk from Mac OS X Lion.dmg

For install Mac OS X Lion.dmg first we have to create The bootable Lion Installer  disk  and for this. We need working Mac OS X Snow Leopard on your virtual machine. if you don't have Mac Leopard then first you should check my earlier post here...

We Need Working Mac OS Snow Leopard or any Mac installed on Virtual Machine
Mac OS X Lion.dmg image file

So Lets Start ... we need to create a new disk (5 GB) and attache with the working snow leopard like this

Attach a 5GB new virtual hard disk (VMDK) file to working Snow leopard Virtual machine

 now start the Mac OS X Snow Leopard virtual machine.. you will get this screen

Click on "Initialize" and Create a partition with following configuration in newly attached 5GB virtual hard disk.
  • Name – LionInstallerDisk
  • Format: Mac OS X Extended
  • Partitions: Single partition – Apple Partition Map

Now put Lion Installation DMG file to Virtual machine’s Shared folder. come back in mac and click on "Go" menu on top (on mac desktop) -->  Connect to server -->you will get this screen..

and fill the ip address of your host system.. (dont change 'smb' ) and go connect..

here put host system's User Name and Password  and connect you will get you shared folder here..

double click on Mac.Os.X.Lion.dmg (red circled) .. you'll get "Mac Os X Install ESD" so great going so far..

Now for convert dmg to ISO, we have to go to Terminal (like comand prompt in windws)
click on "Go" menu on top-bar --> Utilities --> Terminal.

change directory to Volumes hit ( cd /Volumes/ ) and hit  "ls" command, its look like this..

if you got means you doing great just few steps do some work with commands

hit command    --   cd "/Volumes/Mac OS X Install ESD"
then           --   open BaseSystem.dmg

like this snapshot.. Don't close the Terminal..
After Base System mounted, we will copy the dmg file's data to out LionInstallerDisk so go to Disk Utility

click on "Go"menu --> Utilities  -- > Disk Utility do some stuff, you will get the screen below.

select "Base System.dmg" on left panel and click on "Restore" tab on top right side.
then drag "Mac OS X Base System" to source and "LineInstallerDisk" to  Destination.
and don't forget to UN-check the "Erase Destination" option. then click on Restore Button (on bottom right) .. Enter User Name and Password it it will ask..and go ahead..

it will take some time to make copy files to "LionInstallerDisk"
now come to the Terminal..for Copy the kernelcache files with following command.

cp "/Volumes/Mac OS X Install ESD/kernelcache" /Volumes/LionInstaller/kernelcache

don't close terminal..

Now we have to modify file to enable the kernelcahce,we copied in new installer disk.
so go this path


and open file with Text-edit and add some strings like this ...

<key>Kernel Cache</key>

now "save as" the file name one desktop and replace with the original (because may be you will face problem while saving). Finally come to the terminal and hit some copy all the packages..

sudo rm /Volumes/LionInstallerDisk/System/Installation/Packages

it will ask your system's password please enter.. and then next command

sudo cp -R "/Volumes/Mac OS X Install ESD/Packages" /Volumes/LionInstallerDisk/System/Installation/Packages

...this command will copy data so it will take some time...

cd /Volumes/LionInstallerDisk/System/Library/CoreServices
sudo touch ServerVersion.plist

ok great!! have done..this is our bootable Lion installer image

which can boot in virtual box. Now Shutdown the running Snow Leopard
virtual machine and remove the 5GB VMDK file from virtual machine.

congrets...thats it... now we have bootable image file come to Lion Installation

So we have now we have (HackBoot.iso and LionInstallerDisk.vmdk)
To Start Installation click here

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