Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to Install “Mac OS X Lion.dmg” on VirtualBox with Windows 7 & Intel Processor.

First of all you need :

Oracle Virtual Box 4.1 or later
Mac OS X Lion.dmg image file
Boot Loader (HackBoot.ISO) download from here

and make sure your system must support hardware vitalization, you can download tool from here and check for vitalization support.

For install Mac OS X Lion.dmg first we Need to create The bootable Lion Installer disk  and for this. You should check my earlier post here...
So now we have ( HackBoot.iso and LionInstallerDisk.vmdk ) Let's Start Installation
First create virtual machine for Mac OS X Lion and configure it..
1. Create New Virtual Machine like this snap shot..
Now select RAM-2GB(its needed) HDD-30GB like this..
after creating virtual machine just change some setting according to Mac Lion..
on "System menu" set..
Unchecked Floppy Drive option and Enable EFI option remain all should be like this
on "System menu" --> Acceleration, “Enable VT-x/AMD-V” and “Enable Nested
Paging” should be enabled.

now on "Storage Option" just add HackBook.iso and LionInstallerDisk.vmdk like

and make sure enable USB option and add Shared Folder will help you a lot..
Okay so now settings completed let's Start Lion Virtual Machine..
It will come like this

Now switch to "LionInstalletDisk" by pressing 'Right Arrow' and Hit Enter to
start Installation
Go with default language.. now next go to Utility --> Disk Utility option to
create partition for Lion

in Disk Utility .. do some stuffs..

apply (this will create partition)and close this Utility and go Continue .
select "Lion Disk" and start will comes like this..

after complete installation it will restart but not work... just close Virtual
and start again.. this time screen will come like, select "Lion Disk"
in mid

in black screen lot of Bla bla bla... will come but you just be Patience..
welcome screen will come otherwise again restart machine..

Yesss!! it is... you have done great job today...
I learn it and share it!!
I'd love to hear your thoughts!!


  1. Worked perfectly fine
    Your link to:
    "The bootable Lion Installer disk"
    is wrong
    Other than that GR8 work.
    Nice motto:
    "learn it and share it!!"

  2. your blog for the image is missing

  3. hi...Im student from Informatics engineering nice article,
    thanks for sharing :)